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Wild River Rhine

Wild River Rhine - Documentary Nature

There is hardly any other river in Germany that is surrounded by as many myths and legends as the river Rhine. No other river has been the topic of songs, has been painted and travelled equally frequently. Despite this it still seems to be true today what the French poet Victor Hugo once said about this river – the Rhine is a river everybody talks about, nobody explores, everybody visits but no one really knows. It is the second longest river in Central and Western Europe after the Danube. Medieval castles, important industrial sites and lush vineyards - this is what river Rhine is famous for. This river however is much more than what man had made it. Even though man has settled next to the river and the stream has been used as means of transportation for thousands of years, it's banks still host a stunning variety of wildlife habitats. Alluvial forests, roaring waterfalls, steep canyons and sunny slopes flank the river along its some 1230km. The variety of habitats is the reason for the large biodiversity along the stream. est une chaîne de télévision à la demande qui valorise toutes les productions audiovisuelles relatives à la nature et l'aventure, à la découverte des territoires et au tourisme durable. Elle se nourrit de programmes de qualité produits, coproduits, acquis ou sélectionnés sur toutes les plateformes de partage. Elle les enrichit et les diffuse dans des conditions agréables pour les téléspectateurs petits et grands.