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A Proper Winter

Loch Leven Red Squirrels

Following my time filming the red squirrels at RSPB Loch Leven in October, I was able to make a couple more visits before being struck down with the flu. I've luckily not had much in the way of bugs in the last few years but this one hit me pretty hard! It was a further three and a half weeks before I was well enough to get out again and catch up with Nutalie and the team. A positive outcome of this was that by the time I was out and about again, the hideously mild autumn had finally been replaced with something a little more seasonal. Almost as though as switch was flipped come the start of December, daily frosts saw the temperatures gradually drop and drop until we were almost in double minus digits - at least in Kinross! Cold or not, the red squirrels of RSPB Loch Leven were easy to find on each visit. Nutalie and Quart remained the most commonly seen reds, with a glimpse of Tuftmaster and a possible tufted Tipton. In the first week of December I had five squirrels running around me. A perfect tonic after weeks indoors. Happily, my persistence in visiting finished up with a fantastic dump of snow. While last year I managed to get some good photos in the snow, this year I focused on video. It was a little dark and I've a lot to learn about filming in such conditions, but the results are (I think) atmospheric and the best I could have hoped for in this festive wildlife video. est une chaîne de télévision à la demande qui valorise toutes les productions audiovisuelles relatives à la nature et l'aventure, à la découverte des territoires et au tourisme durable. Elle se nourrit de programmes de qualité produits, coproduits, acquis ou sélectionnés sur toutes les plateformes de partage. Elle les enrichit et les diffuse dans des conditions agréables pour les téléspectateurs petits et grands.